100 Word Challenge

I was walking through the forest when I saw some huge footprints leading into a cave. As I got closer I saw the footprints were more than three times the size of my shoe. I followed them deeper into the cave until I saw four massive giants sleeping. Then I crept closer and one of the giants opened their eyes. A shiver ran down my spine, I was too scared to move but the giant didn’t see me because it just went back to sleep. Then I crept out of the cave and ran home as fast as I could.



Pink Shirt Day

Today is pink shirt day. If you don’t know the history it started in a city called Nova Scotia in Canada when a guy wore a pink shirt to school and started getting bullied. Some people saw him getting bullied so they bought 50 pink shirts and told everyone they knew to wear them to school the next day. We have this day to stand up against bullies. Wear pink today!

Global Warming

Global warming is the temperature of the surface of earth getting warmer because of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that are in the air. Carbon dioxide and some other gases warm the planet by trapping heat that would of got out of the earth. The earth´s normal temperature has got higher in the fastest time in history over 50 years. Burning fossil fuels makes a lot of carbon dioxide that goes into the air.

Other effects of global warming are melting glaciers, droughts, fires, rising sea levels, heatwaves, spread of disease, flooding, plants and animals could become extinct and allergies can become more common.

Some good things about global warming are that there will be warmer winters so less people would die, it will help plants grow and heating for houses and buildings would cost less.

Other facts about global warming:

Scientists say that the world’s normal temperature will rise between 1.4 – 5.8°C and sea levels will rise between 7-23 inches by 2100.

Sea levels have risen 7 inches in the last 100 years and that’s more than the last 2000 put together.

More than 1 million different species have become extinct because of global warming

70 million tons of carbon dioxide is released into the air every day


Facts about me

I’m made of 75% water which is 17.3L.

I have 2,299,999,999,999,999,800,000,000,000 atoms.

My heart has beaten 507.9 million times.

I have breathed 158 million times.

I have blinked 74 million times.

I have yawned 66,135 million times.

My thumb nail has grown 0.38m.

My brain weighs 1.2kg more than my heart.

800mb of data is stored in my DNA.

You could make 1.3 million matches out of me.

I’d need 14,493 of me to make 1g of gold.

I have replaced 1,470 white blood cells.

I have 14kg of oxygen.

I have 6kg of muscle.

I have 11.5 trillion cells.